Voici quelques projets que certains de nos Abtal El Bi’A ont organisé dans leur école ou communauté! Une compétition environnementale sur le thème de la poubelle et des déchets a été lancée en Septembre 2015, et les gagnants sélectionnés lors d’une rencontre interactive fin Décembre 2015.

Découvrez nos jeunes héros et tous les champions qui ont participé 🙂

Here are a few projects that have been organized by some of our Environmental Champions within their school or community! An eco-competition on the theme of garbage and waste was launched in September 2015, and the winners were selected in an interactive gathering at the end of December 2015.

Meet our little heroes and all the champions who participated 🙂



Upcycling & Trash Cleaning


First Runner-Up: Mariella & Rebecca Khawand

Upcycling & Trash Cleaning

Click here to watch their 1st Video & 2nd Video


Second Runner-Up: Lea Cortas

Lea convinced all her classmates to replace water plastic bottles at school with re-usable bottles, and initiated paper recycling in her class and other classes Check out Lea’s video

Fourth Prize: Ray Baaklini

Click on Ray Recycling Video to watch his video on Recycling at home & other environmental issues!

Fifth Prize:


  • Ivan Fakhoury, Marie-Josee Ghafary, and Rodolphe Katra:

Composed a song about respecting nature and our environment. Lyrics below! Please listen to their Beautiful Song and sing 🙂

Sixth Prize: Lea Hitti

Various up-cycling objects



Other Participants…

Maria Zaarour:

Cleaning an area in her village with friends & informing the municipality about it

Maria Cleaning Village

Alya Bakhos & Amina Fares:

Initiated this Blog!!

… and starting a recycling initiative in Sioufi public garden

See below Alya’s  project presentation and view the Public Opinion of the people she interviewed in the Sioufi Garden in December 2015!


Karma Aliah:

Elected Nature Ambassador for her class…

Actively involved in a new initiative at school to produce re-usable textile bags with environmental logo and slogans, to be sold and used at school 🙂

If you are interested in buying this lovely re-usable bag (2nd picture below) please contact 70-868404!

Karma project

Reusable Bag

Gabriella Akl:

Various upcycling objects

Adeeb Tabet:

Watch his Video on reducing the size of plastic bottles!

Here is  Adeeb’s video explaining his idea!

Jobran Hatoum:

Cleaning trail and designing with discarded cartridges

Layl Btaich:

Elected Nature Ambassador for his class… Starting an initiative at school to bring a tree in each classroom

Here is  Layl’s video explaining his idea!

Youmna Yarak

Starting an initiative with her girl Scouts team to teach them to upcycle T-shirts into reusable bags

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