About the Environmental Championship Program … Abtal el Bi’a!

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The Environmental Championship Program (ECP) is a new innovative environmental education program for kids, and is the fruit of a collaboration between the Lebanon Moutain Trail Association LMTA and EcoConsulting.

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The ECP consists in organizing 5-day environmental awareness and sustainable living programs, engaging children from diverse ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds in joint social-environmental action. It is built on the concept of experiential learning, with hands-on, fun, and creative activities aiming to give kids a clear understanding of the full loop that is our supporting ecosystem. Our objective is to empower those kids by giving them the title of “Environmental Champions”, and inspiring them to become stewards of our planet in a pro-active way: protecting nature, acting sensibly about eco-issues, communicating around them important environmental messages.

So far we have undertaken 8 ECPs since April 2015 with 110 kids between 9 and 13 years old, from public and private schools, becoming Environmental Champions.

Have a look at this blog initiated by two kids who participated in the Pilot ECP in April, and this short video describing Abtal El Bi’a.  The Blog now includes all ECP videos, you can view them by clicking on Videos & Songs!

Please contact the LMTA office at +961 5 955 302 or info@lebanontrail.org should you wish to enroll a kid in a future ECP program!

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